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Join us for Momentum Is Building 2019, February 7-8, 2019, at the Sheraton West Des Moines! You can register as an attendee or an exhibitor, either online (click on the appropriate button below) or by downloading a fillable form. (Find forms for both attendees and exhibitors in the news section, below.) Be sure to also remember to make sleeping room reservations at the Sheraton. Any general questions about the conference, please contact Kathy Roth Eastman at 515-255-7885 or via email at keastman33@gmail.com. See you in February!
Are you an attendee?
You are considered an "Attendee" if you are attending as a representative of a building trades company and/or are associated with a rural electric cooperative or utility. You are also considered an "Attendee" if you are affiliated with an accredited building trades school or program and/or are a student affiliated with an accredited building trades school or program. If you have questions about registering as an attendee (or cooperative), please contact Donna Griebel at CIPCO, donna.griebel@cipco.net or 319-734-4358.
Are you an exhibitor?
You are considered an "Exhibitor" if you are a vendor who wishes to exhibit your product or service in our exhibit hall. Contact Kathy Roth Eastman at keastman33@gmail.com or 515-255-7885.
Thanks to our exhibitors for supporting Momentum Is Building

Momentum Is Building is an energy-efficient home building conference sponsored by Iowa's electric cooperatives. MIB offers an opportunity to gain insight into new techniques from nationally known speakers, see the latest building products offered by our vendors and network with other building, electric and HVAC professionals.